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Omni Web Presence – Digital Marketing Consulting

At Omni Web Presence, we specialize in providing comprehensive website and online marketing solutions for individuals and businesses of any size. Our personalized consultations cover everything from planning to implementation, offering tailored approaches such as Done For You (DFY), Done With You (DWY), or Do It Yourself (DIY) options. Whether it’s branding, web design, domain selection research, scope definition, SEO, or any related aspect, we’ve got you covered.

Our Consultation Approach

  • DFY – Done For You services for hassle-free solutions.
  • DWY – Done With You collaborative consultations.
  • DIY – Do It Yourself guidance for the hands-on individuals.

Consultation Fees

Business consultation fees typically start around $120 for the first hour, and may include preparing. However we understand you have many questions. To make this simple, and especially if initiated through this website (mention this offer), we offer a special fixed rate of $60 per hour for all the time you need. Take advantage of this offer through text or phone by visiting our Contact Page.

What We Cover

  • Setting up and managing SEO strategies.
  • Social Media planning and execution.
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign management.
  • Email account setup and email marketing campaigns.
  • Website and blog creation and management.
  • And everything in-between!

Looking to establish a robust online presence? Here are the top 10 topics you should discuss with a digital marketing agency like us:

  • The importance of a strong brand identity online.
  • Effective SEO strategies for increased visibility.
  • Social media tactics to engage your audience.
  • Optimizing PPC campaigns for maximum ROI.
  • Email marketing best practices and automation.
  • Website design and user experience considerations.
  • Choosing the right domain for your business.
  • Scope definition for successful project outcomes.
  • DIY tips for hands-on individuals.
  • Our comprehensive web products for your online success.

Omni Web Presence is your all-encompassing resource for everything related to online marketing. Our website is filled with valuable information and tools to kickstart your journey. Explore our range of web products to find the right tools for your online success.

Partner with Omni Web Presence today and take the first step towards a powerful online presence. Our world-class, yet down-to-earth approach ensures a personalized experience for every individual and business. We look forward to helping you thrive in the digital landscape.