What is email marketing, why do you need it, and how do businesses do this more easily today?

Email Marketing Solutions

Email marketing refers to a type of digital marketing that in which email is the primary medium used for connecting to customers and potential prospects. This is an essential way to engage with customers in order to retain a building relationship with them, as well as keep them informed on products, services, events, important announcements, and promotions being offered. Effective email marketing is useful for building trust and loyalty, but it is also a great way to engage customers, gather feedback, build trust, and generate more sales and leads. Through tried and tested email marketing campaigns it is possible to increase brand-awareness, increase loyalty and lasting relationships with customers.

Despite this being such a great way to engage and stay in touch with customers or increase business, most people simply do not have the time or the expertise to manage a digital marketing campaign properly. For this reason an increasing number of business are relying on special marketing automation and management software known as SaaS (Software as a Service).

Email Marketing Automation/SaaS:

Nearly every business today benefits from some form of SaaS because it is like having another employee (or team of employees) whose sole purpose is managing a wide array of campaigns that have been set up and run automatically. Despite these campaigns being run by software, and distributed at scale, it is still possible to make the emails feel personalized. Using SaaS pays for itself in many ways because in addition to generating more business, it also saves tremendous time and resources necessary to implement. SaaS is also a great way to develop insights which help businesses learn which campaigns are performing, as well as understanding customers preferences which in turn can be used to tailor future campaigns based on these insights in order to make them more effective.

If you are ready to have SaaS go to work for your business, here are some options to get you up and running depending on your needs.

Beginning with three basic out of the box – DIY email marketing management solutions that you can purchase right now, click here:


NEW (Advanced alternative option) – If you are finding you can handle something even more robust, we now offering a more powerful CRM with many more options including Lead Generation tools, Work Flows, Funnels, SMS and more. We have a brand new, powerful product that will change and improve how you do business. We either can point you in the right direction (DWY – Do With You) and get you started, or ask us how we can manage this for you (DFY – Do For You email/lead generation marketing.) Contact us for more details.