What is email marketing, why do you need it, and how do businesses do this more easily today?

Email Marketing Solutions

Email marketing is a form of digital marketing that involves sending emails to customers and prospects. It is a way to build relationships with customers and keep them informed about a company’s products, services, and promotions. Email marketing can help build trust, loyalty, and generate leads and sales. It can also help to increase brand awareness and loyalty, build relationships with customers, and increase engagement.

However, most businesses simply do not have the time to manage email campaigns the way it use to be done. That is why today many businesses are using software and automation to help facilitate this need (also referred to as Software as a Service or SaaS).

Email Marketing Automation/SaaS:

Virtually every business benefits from automation with email marketing. Automation allows businesses to create and send personalized emails at scale, saving time, resources, and energy. It also allows businesses to track and measure their email campaigns in order to optimize their performance and gain insights into customer behavior. Additionally, automated emails can be tailored to a customer’s preferences and segmented according to their interests, which makes them more effective.

Here are several options available to suit your needs.

Beginning with three basic out of the box – DIY email marketing management solutions that you can purchase right now, click here:

NEW (Advanced alternative option) – If you are finding you can handle something even more robust, we now offering a more powerful CRM with many more options including Lead Generation tools, Work Flows, Funnels, SMS and more. We have a brand new, powerful product that will change and improve how you do business. We either can point you in the right direction (DWY – Do With You) and get you started, or ask us how we can manage this for you (DFY – Do For You email/lead generation marketing.) Contact us for more details.